Concrete Blocks & Brick Paving

We have a variety of production technique which we use when making our concrete products. We produce on an outdoor machine for high volume blocks and we have a specialist indoor machine for our products such as our brick pavers and high strength or fairfaced blocks.

Our Range Includes The Following:

  • 3″ Solid Blocks
  • 4″ Solid Blocks (Standard and Fairfaced)
  • 6″ Solid Blocks (Standard and Fairfaced)
  • 6″ Cavity Blocks (Standard and Fairfaced)
  • 9″ Cavity Blocks (Standard and Fairfaced)
  • 4″ ‘L’ Blocks
  • 12″ Solid Blocks
  • 4″ Soap Bars
  • 6″ Soap Bars
  • 20n 4″ Solid Blocks
  • 10n 4″ Solid Blocks
  • 15n 4″ Solid Blocks
  • Stock or Filler Blocks
  • Lightweight Blocks

We also carry an extensive range of Brick paving products in a complete range of Colours Brick Paving bricks.

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