Quarry Stone

Dan Morrissey & Co. quarry stone at numerous locations. As part of our operations we produce stone of all descriptions for use in foundation materials for roads and buildings and also decorative stone for lane ways and drainage channels.

Our stone varies in colour according to its source. We quarry Limestone (Blue), Sandstone (Beige), Whinstone (Green) and natural sand and gravel deposits.

Please see our video below to explain more about the process or call us on 059 9131464 to discuss your order.

We offer all grades of crushed Stone. Our range includes the following:

Image of DM Crusher

  • Clause 803
  • Clause 804 (2" Down)
  • Clause 806 (2" Down With Designated Water Content to Aid Binding)
  • Clause 808 (2" Down Certified Pyrite Free.
  • 2-3" Down, Crushed Rock
  • 2-3" Clean Crushed rock
  • Railway Ballast
  • 40-60mm Stone
  • Limestone Quarry Face Rock
  • Rossmore Sandstone Quarry Face Rock
  • Whinstone Quarry Face Rock
  • Quarry Dust
  • 3/4" Screenings
  • 6F2 (4" Down) Crushed rock
  • 6C (4-5" Clean) Crushed rock
  • 1.5" Screenings
  • Ground Limestone
  • 6-7" Down Crushed Rock
  • 6-7" Clean Crushed Rock
  • Gabian Stone
  • All Size "Class A" Chippings
  • All Size "Class C" Washed Chippings
  • Armour Rock (Seas Defenses etc)

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